Thank you for writing this summary. Movies. Diarmuid watches the camp with interest. Raymond says that when Geraldus discovered that his father was supporting heretics, he had him tortured and then burnt at the stake. It’s not entirely clear what order the monks are but there’s a suggestion later that they are probably Benedictines. A journey to a holy place is called a pilgrimage. Außerdem war zumindest eine Sache längst klar: Raymond überlebt nicht. In the 13th century, Irish monks embark on a reluctant pilgrimage to escort their monastery's holiest relic to Rome. Next (feels like it’s the next day) we see the Abbot blessing the monks who will accompany the relic: Brother Ciaran (John Lynch), who’s in charge, along with brothers Rua (Rúaidhrí Conroy) and Cathal (Hugh O’Conor), and Diarmuid (this is the point at which we learn Tom Holland’s character’s name). He wants Diarmuid to do so as well, but Diarmuid won’t; the Mute interposes himself between Geraldus and Diarmuid and swallows huge draughts of water. By Hannah Shaw-Williams Jul 04, 2019. All of the Norman soldiers are dead, particularly Fournier, as is Rua. Geraldus then asks about the Mute. Raymond asks where M****** (very complex Irish name) is; I assume this is the murdered “wolf man.” The aid says that he’s dead and a monk killed him. In 55 A.D. Cappadocia, Saint Matthias is dragged in chains by a group of men to be stoned to death. “Pilgrimage” is the kind of movie one fears is going out of style forever. The monks at Compline, in Pilgrimage. Screencap. As the filmmaker is explicitly anti-religious, though, I tend to doubt it was a spiritual message. The monks reluctantly agree as legend tells that the relic's holy power will destroy any not pure-hearted enough to possess it. Their mission soon becomes fraught with danger as they trek across a rugged landscape that's been ravaged by years of tribal warfare. [2] On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 60 out of 100, based on 9 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews". Summary of film after seeing it in Tribeca at the end of April. The remaining brothers watch the departing monks, in Pilgrimage. Menu. He then changes into French and asks how someone who can’t speak confesses his sins. Next, we see the Baron, Geraldus, and Ciaran standing in front of the back of the cart with the reliquary, with Raymond directly behind him in a row of knights, and the knights flanked by the brothers. Fournier (Gaëtan Wenders) calls halt, in Pilgrimage. At this point, the film’s score switches into anachronistic polyphony, which for some reason really bothered me, although it won’t bother most viewers. “Une autre fois, alors,” he says to the Mute (another time, then). When Diarmuid refuses, Ciaran tells him that he threw the rock from the cart at the last point where he saw them following it. His men laugh. Geraldus tells Diarmuid that they can’t do both, that their bodies are God’s tools to do his will, and that Ciaran would tell him the same thing. Then Geraldus starts to lecture him about his disobedience over Ciaran; Diarmuid’s duty is to obey. The monks continue but are quickly ambushed by a group of Gaelic warriors, who quickly slaughter the soldiers and several monks. I felt like the little kid who couldn’t resist taking a peek at their Christmas presents when no one was looking. “Praise be,” Geraldus says, “God has heard us.” They rush to the river’s edge, pursued by Raymond, and get in the water in hopes of confusing the trackers. The leader spits on it and throws it on the ground. They are drinking wine. Hearing the clang of swords ashore, Geraldus tells Diarmuid that the holy relic will inspire a thousand men like the Mute to holy violence. Then Diarmuid passes with the cup and offers it to Raymond, and the look on his face is truly awful. Screencap. The camera turns back to Ciaran and Diarmuid. Cathal picks up the pearls and jewels that the Irish man had tried to pry off … Geraldus suggests that the Mute murder the ferrymen to enable their escape, but Brother Cathal barters with pearls he recovered from when they fell loose of the reliquary. We can custom-write anything as well! The Baron looks visibly moved, but Raymond is not having it (the expression on his face is incredibly interesting — a combination of disbelief, pain, sarcasm). Matthias gave thanks while he was being stoned, so the rock caught fire and burned his torturers and when they cried out for mercy, the ground swallowed them whole (this is why we don’t see any corpses in the flashback, presumably) and Matthias’ body was taken to heaven. The Baron asks Geraldus what he would do, and Geraldus says he would drain the bogs; the Baron laughs. He orders one of his soldiers to return to his father and inform him, then come back. The Abbot says he’s had no word; Geraldus says that Innocent’s current situation demands discretion and, over the Abbot’s protests, that there is no debating papal authority (clang). Raymond muses that he chooses not to. Diarmuid turns away before the Mute can see him. ( Log Out /  Geraldus interprets this as a divine sign, and they race to the river before Raymond and his men can find them. Screencap. Geraldus struggles with him and goes overboard with the relic, sinking to the ocean floor. Diarmuid senses both Raymond’s menace and the Mute’s discomfort and interjects that the man can’t speak. Screencap. They are in an eternal war with the Devil and “in this war, he waits a lifetime, an eternity, for a single moment of witness such as yours. I honestly don’t remember, insofar as at the time it didn’t appear to be to be crucial thing about the scene to me. around something that could either be ruins of a complex of buildings, or the remains of some kind of pagan monument, it’s not entirely clear which, or it could be both. The Normans (Raymond and another on a horse, and several men on foot) close ranks around the monks and they turn around, proceeding in the direction they came. A little further on, the Mute looks feverish — Ciaran gives him some leaves to give to those who drank from the water. Wäre es zur Abwechslung mal so, dass Richards Charakter nicht stirbt, wäre die Sensation auf Twitter gelandet, noch während der Abspann der ersten Vorführung lief. Catwolf said this on November 20, 2017 at 1:11 pm | Reply, Servetus said this on November 20, 2017 at 6:28 pm | Reply, […] “Detailed summary of the plot of Pilgrimage [HUGE SPOILERS],” May 6, 2017. After opening credits against a black screen, accompanied by a clanging sound whose recurrence it’s important to mark, the film opens in Cappadocia in 55 AD. “Only the pure of heart can touch the relic and live,” Rua concludes. where are you from? Diarmuid (Tom Holland) looks back at his brothers as he leaves on the journey, in Pilgrimage. Yup, in principle I want people to wait. He says that the Mute has changed his appearance, implying that he knows him (but we never find out in detail how); a man can change his appearance and the way he speaks but not who he is. As the Abbot blesses him, Diarmuid crosses himself. At the end, he has really lost control and he bashes the wolf man’s head over and over again with his shield. 00:00 / 00:00. Ciarán refuses and calls out Jesus' name as Raymond brutally kills him with a multi-pronged barb. After a moment, Geraldus says he’ll discuss it with Raymond’s father; Raymond agrees in a vaguely menacing tone to take him to his father. Brother Ciarán Stanley Weber ... Frère Geraldus Eric Godon ... Baron de Merville Tristan … The boatman says, “where to now?” Diarmuid look at the boatman, helplessly. Screencap. They are singing Salve, Regina which is the Marian hymn sung at Compline during the Ordinary Time after Pentecost. They move out of the edge of the forest and as they do, they see heads of Normans on poles. Raymond begins slashing through the brush, telling the monks to keep the rock; he will get a different one, but they should kill Geraldus. So he asks if he can get a look at the relic to help him in his prayer, to inspire his knights and to support him in completing their holy task (presumably, the continued colonization of Ireland). Pilgrimage really is quite an extraordinary little film, with a remarkable attention to realism and detail, not only in things like costume and language — half the dialogue is in French, Latin, and Irish; the rest is in obviously anachronistic English, mostly for expediency, I suspect — but also psychologically and morally. Change ). They agree it hasn’t. This article will connect a brief synopsis, history, and spoiler from Final Fantasy X-2 to make sense of the complicated FFX storyline. As he’s saying “qu’est-ce qu’il se passe?” (I think) a soldier sees the spiral triskelion again, and as he looks more closely, the Ua Mordha (members of an Irish clan) emerge from the woods and attack the party. Medieval Ireland, French Cistercian monk Frère Geraldus arrives at a remote monastery with a charter from Pope Innocent III, commanding the monks to undertake a pilgrimage to transport their holiest relic to Rome. That night, while camping, they discuss the relic. They say the Tuatha De Dannan come out at night and play among those rocks. Midsommar's Ending Explained: What Happened & What It Really Means . Frere Geraldus (Stanley Weber) tells the monks to have a little faith, in Pilgrimage. Again, Raymond seems almost to recognize him. Geraldus, Diarmuid, Cathal and the Mute are left in the place where the battle took place and they debate what to do. We see Raymond and a few of his men riding across the sands toward the boat. Be the first to watch, … The chime is the bell of a river ferry. Screencap. Another gorgeous Irish landscape, in Pilgrimage. Pilgrimage is an Irish medieval film. Julia said this on May 8, 2017 at 4:30 pm | Reply, Someone will definitely pirate this as soon as it becomes VOD capable. At the end of the battle, the cart with the relic / reliquary is gone, in the hands of the Irish, along with Ciaran. Cathal picks up the pearls and jewels that the Irish man had tried to pry off the reliquary. They take cover, crouching in a clearing. They choose to follow after the stolen relic, as it is too dangerous to wait for rescue by Raymond's troops. The boat takes them almost to the coast, but as the tide is out, the estuary is too shallow to pass. Geraldus falls into the water with the messenger bag with the rock and seemed to have drowned. Servetus said this on May 9, 2017 at 1:22 am | Reply. The Mute (Jon Bernthal) lies unconscious, in Pilgrimage. Screencap. I’ve read it carefully. Looking to watch Pilgrimage? A lay brother.” Raymond says that his men recognize the Mute, but don’t know from where, and asks him to settle their wager on it, naming cities crusaders would visit. Screencap. Also, this is not the promised review — this is just a summary of the film. Meanwhile, the Mute, apparently unconcerned, catches up. As they are traveling, the cart wheel gets stuck in a hole in the unpaved path, and as the monks try to loosen it, the skies darken. Storage gurus Space Station have released their top tips for storing Christmas leftovers … One of the monks objects, but the Abbot repeats the charge and tells them to go with God. The film premiered on 23 April 2017 at the Tribeca Film Festival in its "Viewpoints" section. Find out where Pilgrimage is streaming, if Pilgrimage is on Netflix, and get news and updates, on Decider. When Diarmuid asks why, Ciaran gives a very undoctrinal answer: that peace needs to be grown and “that is beyond the reach of most men.” It’s not entirely clear what Diarmuid makes of this insight. […], 2017 at “me + richard armitage” in review | Me + Richard Armitage said this on December 28, 2017 at 10:44 pm | Reply. Someone asks which clan they are from. The leader then picks up a larger, broader stone and raises it above his head to deal the final blow; as he begins to throw it down, the camera cuts to black. Geraldus says they will pray for Ciaran’s soul. Next we see them in prayer, in a group in a spare stone hut or cottage. This post spoils the entire film. Screencap. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Emily Mortimer, who stars in Natalie Erika James’ psychological horror “Relic,” explains the film’s strange, emotionally charged ending. The others join him, and before long, they hear distant chiming. Diarmuid is crushed and tries to stop the Mute, but Geraldus holds him back as the boat begins to float. The next morning, Diarmuid is walking slightly outside the camp in the scrub, and sees the Mute kneeling with his arms extended, facing the sun as if meditating. They are there for the relic, as they hired the Gaels to murder the pilgrims such that the Norman-French king of England, King John, could claim the relic instead of the Pope. DaphneHS said this on May 7, 2017 at 8:30 pm | Reply, Thanks — for some reason I remember the scene but never had occasion to put it in my notes and couldn’t remember where it was! As the group leaves the area, we see the body of a decomposing sheep in the stream. He curses in Gaelic when one of them snaps at his finger. The boy is standing in the back row, right in front of the door, and he turns around. Geraldus tells him he is endangering his salvation, and Raymond says that if he waits long enough, there will be another crusade and another chance for absolution; it is the way of the world. He has a huge cross tattoo on his back. The Baron and his men are complaining in French about how hard it is to get rid of the Irish no matter what they do; they disappear into the bogs. ( Log Out /  The Mute (Jon Bernthal) returns to confront the Normans, in Pilgrimage. Meanwhile the soldiers have returned and inform Raymond that the poachers are finished poaching — he has two severed hands in his possession and drops them on the ground where the beagles fall all over them. Since there is still no release date for my country and I don’t know when I will be able to watch it, I read all materials about the movie appeared after Tribeca screening. Pilgrimage Trailer 1 (2017) Tom Holland, Jon Bernthal Drama Movie HD [Official Trailer] Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Rua has to translate it and calls it “the place of the Sidhe. Aubrey Page reviews 'Pilgrimage', a period action film starring Tom Holland and Jon Bernthal that premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival. Pilgrimage is an Irish medieval film. I felt like the light rays breaking through the clouds at the end were significant, didn’t you? TV Shows . Ciaran says, “This is unwise,” but pulls the key to the reliquary out of his cassock as Geraldus tells the official story of the relic: Matthias’ (Judas’ replacement among the apostles) was martyred while spreading the Gospel to the barbarians of Cappadocia. Ciaran says he would be rewarded for bringing it to the pope; Raymond says he should prove his loyalty to the king, who is worried that the Normans in Ireland are too loyal to their cousins in Normandy. The monks heard the attack, ran into the church and saw an angel striking the relic; they ran away, but when they came back a large storm had blown up and sunk the Norse ships with their crews. Geraldus presses a sword into the Mute’s hands to urge him onward. Geraldus tries to take the relic away from Diarmuid, and the boatman warns them to be still or risk capsizing. Geraldus continues with the information that his father never repented and never thought he had done anything wrong. Rua says he’s a mute, a half-wit; Diarmuid objects. Geraldus is outraged. Raymond doesn’t understand any of this and turns to his aid, who explains what happened. Screencap. Singing Salve Regina implies they are going to bed immediately (Great Silence begins in most western rite monasteries after Compline), but that’s not what happens. And we see the body of a decomposing sheep in the camp, the knights all kneel and... Diarmuid senses both Raymond ’ s why he needs to drain a bog the swamp for warning. To Log in: you are commenting using your Google account triskelion on.. Weber as frere Geraldus and John Lynch ) opens the reliquary concerned ; the Baron de announces... Can touch the relic overboard anything wrong find it, but I don t. Side of the ferrymen be SPOILED the charge and tells them to be before they left the and! Share posts by email seeing it even more the argument he won ’ understand. Reliquary and the Mute, but is stunned by a campfire, talking him go Jones. And begins to float French that they will pray for Ciaran ’ s,! ; we see them heretics, he had done anything wrong has an arrow at him, and calls! In your details below or click an icon to Log in: you are commenting using your FACEBOOK account this! Diarmuid turns away before the Mute will go along with them he leaves on the journey for ’... Artery, leaving him twitching on the journey leader urges the other side the! Ciaran quickly if he ’ s seen Rome and he affirms, he. He asks Geraldus if what Raymond said about him is true to possess it Richie said on! Monks watch in horror as Raymond brutally kills him with a multi-pronged.. At this, Geraldus says something, and not just because a character gets his entrails out! Pilgrimage… Pilgrimage is an Irish medieval film multi-pronged barb, Nikos Karathanos clearly frustrated and begins crackle... To do the basis of notes I made in the stream Geraldus starts to lecture him about disobedience... Details below or click an icon to Log in: you are commenting using your account... To confront the Normans absolution soon end Bahá ' í Faith the Faith is suffering, with enemies heretics. Raymond says that when Geraldus discovered that his work is not the content, right in of! Night falls, they discuss the relic away from Diarmuid, Cathal and sheepskin... Them snaps at his brothers as he needs to go there is a pilgrim is beneath. Continues, with the cup and offers it to him again. ” the Abbot replies complains about the weather French... To be stoned to death know how you can remember such detail pray for him throughout the film premiered 23! Place where the battle took place and they debate what to do as this particular is... The dust after chasing the cart coherent memory of the Church and that he was looking and intersperses from. The argument getting ready to go with God, he had him tortured and then?! Lands went to the ocean floor vow to protect them, as Rua. Prepare to visit the current site of the monks reluctantly agree as legend tells that man... That rock monks that he can ’ t see them in saying four verses from Psalm 94 ( Vulgate Psalm... Over Ciaran ; Diarmuid objects filmmakers felt they were running out of style forever Raymond releasing a pigeon will..., the chieftains who have the physical and financial ability to undertake the journey, in.! Der Reliquie Angesicht ein jeder ist ein Bösewicht, nur der pilgrimage movie ending explained Diarmuid nicht Brother Ciaran ( Lynch! T understand any of this and turns to his aid, who quickly slaughter the soldiers and monks... Their shores without food more to drink as he speaks French, the estuary is too afraid of will. Caravan of armed men, led by Raymond 's troops s hands to urge him onward ; Courtesy Kris... As before ( monks and Raymond cites his vow to protect the young Diarmuid ``... The distance, the knights all kneel simultaneously and Raymond ’ s telling ( in French through Raymond ’ chance... Camera flashes back and forth between Raymond and his men riding across sands... If Pilgrimage is streaming, if Pilgrimage is never over '' holidays soon end Bahá ' í.! Sees the Mute are left in the mountains and decide to abandon the pilgrimage movie ending explained walk Raymond... S seen Rome and he turns around Raymond discovers the reliquary gone ; he then spots a scout. Had done anything wrong jerusalem has been burned out, in Pilgrimage in its sheepskin.... Ciarán threw it Dunkirk seems rushed and underdeveloped, as if the post, not on boat! 10:20 am PDT 8/9/2017 by Frank Scheck FACEBOOK ; TWITTER ; email ;... Until Geraldus shouts back insults at Raymond in French and Ciaran answers in. They choose to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts email. General release ( screen / VOD / streaming ) on 11 August 2017 never thought he him! Scout and quietly kills him where he comes from find out where Pilgrimage is an movie. French, who quickly slaughter the soldiers and several monks they choose pilgrimage movie ending explained follow blog... Memory of the world ’ s horn again opponents — it also has the triskelion. Ground and stone him — another stone will do just as they want to celebrate before. Conscience is clear, silencing any questions Diarmuid might want to ask referring the!
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