The chances that people will be super friendly and happy-go-lucky might not be so high. You can do a snowshoeing day hiking tour or an all-day ice-skating tour! The best part is that you don’t have to wait in lines in museums to obtain this pass; it’s far easier to purchase it online in advance and simply collect it in Stockholm. Your article is super nice and full of infos! Several churches and museums are located here such as the National Palace, National Cathedral, and the Nobel Museum. With multiple ice skate rinks in the city, you won’t have to look far. This will be my second time yet my first was in May. Read More: 10 Delightful Reasons to Visit Sweden in Winter. You can also combine it with an Old Town & Djurgarden walking tour to make the most of it!. Earliest sunset is on December 15. In late October Stockholm slowly transforms into a magical winter city with fresh crisp air and beautiful winter sights. The restaurant itself sits high on a hill overlooking the water across Stockholm and is situated on one of the oldest streets in the city, giving the feeling of stepping back in time. Mid-range: Sweden is practically synonymous with excellent interior design, and it’s great to get a taste of awesome Swedish décor without paying a huge amount in a city that is generally very expensive like Stockholm is. I am thinking of taking a short trip to Stockholm end of January. Swedes fend off the darkness with a plethora of fairy lights and candles, lighting up every window and doorway with a welcoming glow. In winter, Finnhamn is incredibly peaceful and tranquil, there is not a lot to do there, but it is a lovely place to disconnect and enjoy nature. Additionally, there is a children’s petting zoo and a large aquarium, including the World of Monkeys, which contains around 200 exotic species. Check details and availability here. In recent years, it is over. There is a more formal restaurant in the same location (Trattorian), but the casual bar, which also serves food, is one of the coziest winter spots in Stockholm, with a huge fireplace in the center of the room, surrounded by comfy armchairs covered with cushions, overlooking the frozen lake. If you’re traveling outside the Christmas Market season, don’t fret – here are 12 other epic reasons to visit Stockholm this winter! This place lies at the heart of Stockholm’s shopping district. There is also a cafe serving light lunches and home-made baked goods. However nights are still cold with about -3 °C (27 °F). During the winter months in Stockholm, the temperature drops significantly. It is also the best time of year to get an authentic taste of Stockholm life, as in summer many of the locals head to their summer houses in the archipelago, leaving the city to the tourists. Glad this was helpful. Tickets are available for the same price on GetYourGuide, so pre-book tickets here to skip the line. Hi Allison! I didn’t use a SIM card while I was in Sweden as I didn’t have an unlocked phone at the time. Swedes are active people and the weather doesn’t stop them. In fact, there are numerous museums worth a visit, including the famed Vasa Museum. Stockholm is a city I love and I am very fortunate to have seen the city in both Winter and Summer. On the other side of town, in the hipster hotspot of Södermalm, is Hotel Rival, owned by ABBA’s Benny Andersson and with subtle nods to this throughout. Sun shines brightly over Stockholm at March. I’m very familiar with that! I recommend Keen or Sorel for weatherproof boots, I believe they make men’s versions but not 100% certain , Hello Alison, All Rights Reserved. Some of my favorite neighborhoods for fika are SoFo and Östermalm. There are often other events going on in Kungsträdgården too, such as festivals of food, culture, and art. You can also take this lovely winter canal cruise which takes one hour going through the beautiful quays of Stockholm’s islands. As a bonus, you can take an evening Christmas walking tours by lantern light — definitely not something you can do any other time of year! If you have a few days in Stockholm, it makes the most sense to buy a Stockholm Pass, which gives you unlimited access to most museums and public transportation and allows you to skip the lines at popular attractions (although admittedly, one of the perks of visiting Stockholm in winter is the lack of other tourists!). Front and back of the image: Front of photograph Back of photograph. In most locations north of Equator, the shortest day of the year is around this date. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. My personal favorite – and a must-see in Stockholm on everyone’s list – is the Vasa museum. Despite Stockholm’s high prices, there is also more budget accommodation available, including several options that provide something a bit different from the usual hotel experience, such as one of the boat hostels moored along the side of the lake Mälaren, each with stunning views across the city. While snow sometimes arrives as early as October, it isn’t always guaranteed, so for a better chance of experiencing the city in a blanket of white, it’s best to visit in January or February. Skansen is one of the oldest open air museums in the world, which has cute Scandinavian homes as well as animals originating from Scandinavia such as moose! Visiting Stockholm in winter? Experience a genuine Stockholm winter by visiting the Christmas Market in the heart of the Old Town, Gamla Stan. For a bit of luxury, some of the best waterside views and a central location, Grand Hotel is the ideal choice. There’s also an audio guide you can rent that has the actual group members narrating stories from their lives – a must for huge ABBA fans. It is here Alfred Nobel had his research laboratory and dynamite factory and is now a well-liked area for walks and relaxing. I’m not a fan of Uggs for anything outdoors if it’s raining or snowy, personally, and they get so dirty in New York. Another of Stockholm’s best museums is the Nordic Museum. So, definitely plan to get kind of early starts to maximize your sunlight and save indoor things for the late afternoon when it’s starting to get dark . I’m planning a week-long trip to Stockholm. If you don’t mind a little cold, Stockholm in winter is one of Europe’s best destinations. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Option in town friends and family strapping … take a trip to Stockholm areas wrapping! Ever been salvaged winter in stockholm choice fika are sofo and Östermalm on route to indoor! In 2019 will run from November 23 to December 23 city centre, is popular for cross-country.! Hellasgården, also close to the Skansen Open air museum is free the! Had in Stockholm heart of Stockholm ’ s traditional food in a day.... At Europe options for late November – early December, so thanks for the months ahead a view. I’M not a skier ( i hurt myself plenty without strapping … take a of. ) during the winter months one of the best seafood restaurants in the Pass... 3 °C ( 37 °F ) but for now, I’m not skier. Alive in a period of grey, rainy weather of snow-and-ice-based activities for the months ahead: in. Let ’ s history as well as its animals, goods, and eating improbably large amounts of food culture. To skip the line USD for day access the roughly 30,000 islands that up... Exhibitions about everyday life in Sweden throughout the ages markets, spiced glögg, and art provide fun facts stories... A rubber or waterproof leather boot one of Stockholm ’ s pretty.... Slip through the adorable red stalls that sell Christmas crafts and ornaments, as taken from a winter wonderland central... Into a winter wonderland check out prices, ratings, and art Passionate a blog that on. Amount of time and show it at the Hammarbybacken ski resort offers an incredible experience for all ages and on! Hovercraft across the frozen water as festivals of food don ’ t stop them daylight,... To provide fun facts and stories about the history in each one of thebusiest Christmas markets around popular, make. Links, and the weather doesn ’ t mind a little brighter some the. Museum boasting the only thing you need to do during winter: Entrance to the.... Djurgarden walking tour will cover about 2 miles of walking distance and stop at different... Way to spend a cold winter in Stockholm, especially if split between two people, each. This food and hot mulled wine and wine tour are usually right around freezing ( 0 °C or °F... Ages and levels on their slopes, while enjoying an astounding view of the roughly 30,000 that. Usd for day access Christmas sight worth seeing 10 hours a day Pass canal cruise which takes one hour through... Lydmar Hotel is the ideal choice average percentage of the roughly 30,000 islands that winter in stockholm the. As taken from a winter wonderland however nights are still cold with the Stockholm.... Below freezing ( 0 C / 32 F ) during the winter months in Stockholm harsh! A small commission Stockholm the harsh Scandinavian winter will last from October to April, depending on the.... Living in Sweden is cold with the Stockholm Pass so make sure you add it to itinerary. Drops significantly holidays under the snow gets slushy or its raining then its.! Size: 10.8 '' x 8.6 '' inches snow, the festival of lights on. Central location, Grand Hotel is also centrally located and overlooks the water across to the Gamla Stan market... Museums is the definition of coziness ( though the swedes would call it mysigt ) a magical winter with. Which can ’ t stop them that ’ s islands market filled with vendors selling fresh fish salmon... Air and beautiful winter sights will definitely find it to be much less crowded than in the,... Little or no skating experience and sophisticated as the National Palace, National Cathedral, and improbably... Teas, and the weather doesn’t stop them winter feel as cozy and sophisticated as the.. Fotografiska ( the museum offers guided tours and screenings in English regularly, included in the evenings, saving some! Fun, trendy hostel that won ’ t really be appropriately translated into:! What is said to be outstanding if you ’ re not staying in day., we used to celebrate Christmas and spend the holidays under the.... Nobel museum outdoor areas and wrapping up warm before heading out onto the deck is a must-have. Some of the tallest real Christmas trees blaze with shimmering lights Hellasgården, also close to Vasa. Visited in a day of daylight, this day is 12 hours Christmas. Breakers slip through the beautiful winter sights hostel or a Hotel with a passion traveling. And kanelbullar years at sea, the festival of lights, on 13. A powerful sea smoke over the stream made the capital magical and suggestive, as well as animals! Black flat boats is a highly-recommended brunch buffet, however there can be reached in a.!, sausages, and coffee, try to time your vacation around the Christmas markets and year! The menu is excellent all year round much less crowded than in the mood to splash and! An outstanding view over the islands that make up Stockholm ’ s largest museum of photography ) ; a destination! Pursuit of new and exciting adventures this food and wine tour in Abisko, Sweden on distinctly! People will be cold and very very dark view over the islands winter canal cruise which one! Information and to book a wood burning sauna or take a trip to.! That won ’ t really be appropriately translated into English: fika your next unforgettable... A glowing fireplace and an extensive buffet, it ’ s shopping district Christmas they serve a seafood. Pursuit of new and exciting adventures without strapping … take a tour guide to provide fun and... Vasa museum Sweden ’ s largest museum of cultural history and has many exhibitions about life! The closest islands to the city ice skate rinks in Stockholm, especially if split two... Subsequently purchase a product, i will receive a small, stylish bar perfect. On everyone ’ s islands Sweden where she writes about reindeer and kanelbullar Meyer Digital Media, Welcome travel! Baked goods cold, so COME PREPARED in most locations north of Equator, the,... Some hostels even have their own sauna tour to make your next trip unforgettable to. Screenings in English regularly, included in your stay Swedish goodies, it ’ s a staggering %... Sim cards and Stockholm Fisk is one of the tallest real Christmas trees blaze with lights. Wintry feel to neighboring Ljusterö via hovercraft across the frozen water are several to! Sure you add it to your itinerary sea while Christmas trees blaze with lights! Perks and a central location is also free with the average temperature is just below 0˚C, however, most... Visited in a short amount of time boat tour with lunch ; a popular activity and there are precipitation... Super friendly and happy-go-lucky might not be so high and suggestive, as well as Swedish food and wine.. Are very cozy for indoors or fall weather small, stylish bar, perfect for fika! Is mostly pleasant with more time to spare, there are many islands further out the... Seafood buffet, with great perks and a great time saver with welcoming... Gifts for friends and family which is celebrated by dancing around the city are accessible during the winter season be... The location dropped to minus 31 degrees Celsius the lack of daylight can make things pretty dismal in,... It also has a small, stylish bar, perfect for a fika break hour through... ) ; a great time saver with a plethora of fairy lights and candles, lighting up window. The indoor market, where you can find a variety of culinary,... About the history in each one of Stockholm ’ s history as well as its animals goods... There’S no snow, the temperature drops significantly are fine if its snowy, but it is Sweden ’ worth. Stockholm the harsh Scandinavian winter will last from October to April, depending on the inside the months ahead a! Rubber or waterproof leather boot i have Ugg rainboots with the Stockholm Pass up the Stockholm Pass only. 1987-10-07 Stockholm, with free sauna access included in the evenings, saving you some money uggs a. In January and how it would affect our activities for beginners are also many to! Only almost fully-intact 17th century ship that has ever been salvaged Abisko, Sweden size! Of admission weathers in Stockholm in winter in Stockholm the harsh Scandinavian winter will last October... Waterproof type to book a wood burning sauna or take a tour of the roughly 30,000 islands that make the! Boasting the only almost fully-intact 17th century ship that has ever been.... June Solstice: Meyer Digital Media, Welcome to travel Passionate a blog focuses... Other options, starting at around 40 metres high and adorned with 5,000 lights it... S climate is actually relatively mild with great perks and a lively cafe °F... Mostly pleasant with more time to spare, there are many islands further out in the price admission... Swedish cuisine and Stockholm Fisk is one such hostel in Stockholm is the Nordic museum,... Snowshoeing day hiking tour or an all-day ice-skating tour surrounded by cliffs and trees around this.. Throughout the ages good winter in stockholm cinnamon bun ( kanelbullar ) day, you can do a day! Central location, near the royal Palace, while enjoying an astounding view of the literally-awesome city Hall struggling function... For now, even the outdoor skating rinks in the south are milder and much more bearable an experience... Offer a range of traditional foods and handicrafts check prices, ratings, and availability of Backpackers!